M.S. in Computer Science

The department offers a M.S. in Computer Science suited to individuals with adequate CS preparation and an undergraduate degree in in an appropriate discipline, e.g., mathematics, statistics, computer science, or a natural, physical or social sciences subject.

CS Track: Three (3) Required courses:
  1. CS 526 Algorithms OR CS 523 Data Structures and Algorithms
  2. CS 534 Machine Learning
  3. CS 551 Systems Programming

CS Track: Four or more (4+) Elective courses:

Totaling twelve or more (12+) credit hours in CS, BMI, BIOS, BMED or MATH. Common Electives for the CS and BMI tracks are listed in Appendix 1: CSI Course Listing found in the CSI Graduate Program Handbook.

Students are required to choose one of the following tracks:
  • Course-Only Option: 30 graduate course credits
  • Project Option: 24+6 graduate course plus research credits

Students conduct a major implementation or analytic project, conducted independently, accompanied by a substantial project report and code and data as appropriate. Satisfactory completion of the project requires approval by the faculty advisor.

  • Thesis Option: 21+9 graduate course plus research credits

A thesis involving substantial, novel, independent research and contributions of quality publishable in a refereed workshop, conference, or journal2, to be submitted to the Laney Graduate School.

Practicum: all MS students will be required to complete a practicum (CS596R: Computer Science Master's Practicum) involving a substantial project either under the direction of an Emory faculty member or a Computer Science/Informatics expert in Industry. This requirement is intended to provide students with practical experience with real life projects, an essential element of an applied discipline such as Computer Science and Informatics. In order to graduate, every MS student should successfully complete at least one CS596R. As an "R" designated course, students may repeat this once, and in exceptional circumstances, one additional time with permission from the Director of Graduate Studies.

Students may substitute at most one of the above electives with a relevant course from Mathematics, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Biomedical Informatics, the Rollins School of Public Health, School of Medicine, and appropriate schools at Georgia Tech through the ARCHE program. When substituting courses, a student must obtain prior written approval from the thesis advisor and CSI DGS/program director(s). Students must complete their core courses with a grade of B or higher and complete all coursework by year two with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.