Success Stories

Our Alumni

The Graduate Student Research Award recognizes outstanding research by students working towards degrees in Computer Science. This award is given annually to student(s) nominated by faculty and selected by a group of faculty members designated by the Graduate Committee.

Recent Ph.D. graduates

Pawel Jurczyk, PhD (2009): first position: Software Engineer at Google.
Pawel's thesis was on Scalable and Privacy-Preserving
​Integration of Distributed Heterogeneous Data.
Advisor: Li Xiong
Julianne Chung , PhD (2011): Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech.
Julianne's Ph.D. research in computational mathematics developed
new methods for efficiently de-blurring images.
​Advisor: James Nagy
Sebastien Siva, PhD (2011): first position: Assistant Professor at GGC.
Sebastien's Ph.D. research explored techniques for solving
constraint satisfaction problems (CSP) in relational algebra.
Advisor: James Lu
Qi Guo, PhD (2012): first position: Applied Scientist at Microsoft, (currently at Google).
Qi's research was on inferring searcher intent by mining user interaction data.
Awards include SIGIR Best Paper award and WSDM best student paper award.
​Advisor: Eugene Agichtein
Dmitry Lagun, Ph.D. (2014). First position: Research Scientist, Google.
Dmitry's research developed new methods for inferring attention
from interaction data, applied to Web search and Neurology.
Dmitry was honored with Yahoo FREP award, and best paper awards
from SIGIR and WSDM conferences.
​Advisor: Eugene Agichtei
Sanjay Agravat, PhD (2015): first position: Postdoc at Harvard School of Medicine.
Sanjay's research was on Advancing the elucidation of the Human Glycome through an expert-based
systems approach, and more geenrally on Big Data in Biomedical Research.
Advisor: Lee Cooper
Li Che n, Ph.D., (2017). First position: Assistant Professor, Auburn University
Dr. Li Chen is part of the Omics and Informatics Cluster hire, hosted in Department of Health Outcomes and
Research Policy at the Harrison School of Pharmacy. He is working on Bioinformatics and
Computational Biology by using statistical and informatics methods.

Recent Ph.D. graduates

Yandong Liu, MS (2009): Software Engineer at Uber.
​Yandong worked on mining and searching social media data (CQA archives). Published multiple papers in top CS conferences, internships at Microsoft Research and Yahoo Labs.
Haojian Jin, MS (2013): first position: Research Engineer, Yahoo Labs.
Haojian worked on mining mobile search behavior data for search quality evaluation.;
Ameen Kazerouni, MS (2015): first position: Data Scientist, Zappos.
Ameen worked on biomedical informatics and big data analytics with concentration in life sciences.

List of Ph.D. graduates and their first positions:

Raya Horesh, IMA Postdoctoral Fellow, IBM Research
Pawel Jurcyzk, Software Engineer, Google
James Gardner, Digital Reasoning, then Apple, now Data Scientist at Favor
Sebastian Siva, Assistant Professor, Georgia Gwinette College
Sarah Knepper, Staff Scientist, Intel
Qi Guo, Senior Scientist, Microsoft Bing, now at Google
Slawomir Goryczka, Software Engineer, Google Switzerland
Olger Denas, Staff Scientist, Adobe Research
Aji Abulimiti, Research Scientist, HP Labs
Yu Wang, Co-founder and CTO, CarGlass
Jaroslaw Slawinski, Microsoft
Shuai Yuan, Software Engineer, Microsoft
Dmitry Lagun, Research Scientist, Google
Sebastian Berisha, Postdoc, U Penn
Liyue Fan, Postdoc, USC. Now Assistant Professor at SUNY Albany.
Thomas Przybylinski, Epic
Shuai Zheng, CDC
Luca Bonomi, Postdoc, UC San Diego
Denis Savenkov, Applied Researcher, Facebook
Li Chen, Assistant Professor, Auburn Universit

List of recent M.S. graduates and positions:

Lesi Wang, HTC
Xin Zhang, EZ Software Group
Tunan Wu, Lead Software Engineer, Fuhu Inc
Siyuan Lou, Epic
Akshatha Pai, Emory University (BMI), Software Engineer.
Haojian Jin, Yahoo Labs, Research Engineer
Wenpei Si, Oracle, Member of Technical Staff
Linlin Chai, Amazon
Liyuan Han, Microsoft
Jing Sun, Google
Alexandra Anghelescu, Velocity Medical Solutions
Weian Chan, eBay
Chengyin Jin, Health Integrity LLC
Zhengwen Zhou, MathWorks
Chi Zhou, Microsoft
Ameen Kazerouni, Zappos