(Dorian's Portrait)
Photo by Kubica & Nguyen

Dorian C. Arnold, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department of Math and Computer Science
Mathematics and Science Center E418
Emory University

dorian.arnold @ emory.edu
+1 (404) 727-0560

Research Interests

Operating and Distributed Systems ♦ High-Performance Computing ♦ System Software
Resilience/Fault-tolerance ♦ HPC Tools

Extremely large (aka high-performance) computing systems have become critical instruments in the world's grandest scientific and engineering challenges. Designed, built and managed by computer scientists and engineers, these systems' principal users are experts from other domains. We study the theory and practice of system software that make large, complex computer systems accessible to computer systems non-experts. More specifically, we explore the performance, scalability and reliability issues that abound in large scale computing environments.

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