Vaidy Sunderam

Vaidy Sunderam

Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Computer Science
Chair, Department of Computer Science
Director, Computational and Life Sciences Strategic Initiative
Emory University

Address: 400 Dowman Dr, Atlanta, GA 30322
Office: Mathematics and Science Center #E420
Phone: 404-727-5926, Fax: 404-727-5611

Brief Bio
Vaidy Sunderam has been a faculty member at Emory University since 1986. His research interests are in parallel and distributed processing systems and infrastructures for collaborative computing. His prior and current research efforts have focused on system architectures and implementations for heterogeneous metacomputing, including the Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) system and several other frameworks including IceT, CCF, Harness, and Unibus. Vaidy teaches computer science at the beginning, advanced, and graduate levels, and advises graduate theses in the area of computer systems. He also serves on several university committees and planning groups including Emory's strategic initiatives in science and quantitative areas, informatics, and undergraduate education.

Research Projects
  • Publications (DBLP is far better at maintaining this than I could ever hope to be! Thanks Michael!)
  • Descriptions of research projects are best found in the appropriate papers, or please email me for details. A few older projects have websites, as outlined below.
  • Unified, aggregated resource sharing via lightweight middleware infrastructures is the primary focus of the Distributed Computing Laboratory and the H2O/Unibus projects.
  • The Harness system is based on the concept of distributed virtual machines that are reconfigurable in terms of both resources and software infrastructures. Joint with Oak Ridge Labs, and the University of Tennessee.
  • Janus investigates robustness issues in wireless networks, particularly in the context of group communications protocols.
  • General purpose collaboration (as opposed to domain-specific collaboratories) was the focus of The CCF project that enables workspace sharing and multimodal communication.
  • Other (past) efforts that still evoke interest include: PVM - Parallel Virtual Machine, the PIOUS parallel I/O system, and ACES, part of the PaCS effort.

  • Spring 2017: CS555 Parallel Processing
  • For other semesters and course descriptions etc, please see the MathCS homepage.