CS Seminar

Title: Crowd Sleuths: Solving Mysteries with Crowdsourcing, Experts, and AI
Seminar: Computer Science
Speaker: Kurt Luther, Virginia Tech
Contact: Vaidy Sunderam, vss@emory.edu
Date: 2022-09-16 at 1:00PM
Venue: https://emory.zoom.us/j/95719302738
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Crowd Sleuths: Solving Mysteries with Crowdsourcing, Experts, and AI Professional investigators, such as journalists and police detectives, have long sought the public's help in solving mysteries, typically by soliciting tips. However, as social technologies mediate more aspects of daily life and enable new forms of collaboration, members of the public are increasingly leading their own investigations, with mixed results. In this talk, I present three projects from my research group, the Crowd Intelligence Lab, where we build software tools that bring together crowds, experts, and AI to support ethical and effective investigations and solve mysteries. In the CrowdIA project, we adapted the sense making loop for intelligence analysts to enable novice crowds to discover a hidden terrorist plot within large quantities of textual evidence documents. In the GroundTruth project, we developed a novel diagramming technique to enable novice crowds to collaborate with expert investigators to verify (or debunk) photos and videos shared on social media. In the Photo Sleuth project, we built and launched a free public website with over 10,000 registered users who employ AI-based face recognition to identify unknown soldiers in historical portraits from the American Civil War era. I will conclude the talk by discussing broader opportunities and risks in combining the complementary strengths of human and artificial intelligence for investigation, sense making, and other complex and creative tasks.

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