CS355 Syllabus & Progress

CS355 Syllabus & Progress

  1. Logic elements and Boolean Algebra
  2. Switching Circuits... how the CPU transports values from one place to another...
  3. Arithmetic (and Logic) Circuits.... see what the ALU look like
  4. Sequential Circuits

  5. Finite State Machines
  6. Bi-directional Transfer

  7. Memory Organization

  8. CPU Architecture: data path

  9. How the CPU communicate with (reads/writes) the memory - the system bus and its bus protocol:

  10. How computer programs performs IO operations - IO communication:

    Midterm covers material upto this point

    The remaining material discusses how to make a computer runs faster or safer...

  11. Cache memory:

  12. The Virtual Memory technique

  13. SIMD Parallel Computers

  14. GPU-programming using the CUDA programming language:

  15. Programming Shared Memory MIMD using Posix threads:

  16. Programming Shared Memory MIMD using the OpenMP API:

  17. Message-Passing MIMD computers:

The END...