CS253 Sylabus & Progress

CS253 Syllabus

  1. Introduction

  2. Unorderd Maps (hashing) --- overlap with CS171

  3. Ordered maps: (entries that have an ordering property)

  4. Advanced implementation of Ordered Maps: Search Trees

  5. Advanced Sorting (discussed in CS171 - skip - won't be on exams)

  6. Text processing:

  7. Recursive problem solving techniques / Dynamic Programming

  8. Constrained linear optimization

  9. Graph algorithms (discussed in CS171 - skip)

  10. Shortest Path (Dijkstra's Algorithm): (discussed in CS171 - skip)

  11. Minimum Spanning tree: (discussed in CS171 - skip)

  12. Longest Path in a DAG (directed acyclic graph): (notes are not ready --- skip)

  13. Network flow:

  14. Matching in bi-partite graphs: The Marriage Problem

  15. The Assignment Problem

  16. The Transportation Problem

  17. PERT and CPM: Critical path analysis

  18. Algorithmically Unsolvable and Hard-to-solve Problems

  19. Introduction to Online Algorithms